The Perfek-Grip

perfect tennis service gripHand and eye coordination development starts with the hand. How the hand grips the racquet handle is an important aspect of the effectiveness of any particular stroke.However, the grip that is optimal for topspin ground-strokes might not work well for volleys or the serve. And after a person has gotten used to any one particular ground-stroke grip, it is difficult to change the feel of a different grip in the middle of a point when a person is preoccupied with other aspects of position, footwork, and shot execution.
Volley/Service Grip

The Perfek-Grip acts as a “reminder” that can be used in practice. By attaching it to the handle of a standard racquet, the protruding “nub” can be set in a position between the fingers in such a way as maintain a particular grip until the hand gets used to it. This presents the benefit of having one less thing a person has to think about.

Eventually, the player will have to make a conscious effort to change from one grip to another during play, but while in the process of getting accustomed to each one, the Perfek-Grip can be extremely helpful in developing consistency in one particular grip before going on the get the feel of another.

Western Forehand Grip

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